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Who Is Green Mountain

What sets us apart 

Green Mountain Smokehouse has been in business for over 20 years. We started off as just a local butcher shop but over the years have expanded to so much more.  Thanks to our local community we have grown so much and we are constantly trying to find ways to show our appreciation. 

Premium Meat Supplier

Get to Know Us

Green Mountain Smokehouse prepares a wide range of high-quality meat products. Some of our products are fully cooked while others need to be prepared at home. We provide smoke-based products while others are marinated foods. Our products are priced by the pound 

The process of custom butchering is an art form in itself. It's important to have the faith and trust in your local butcher. Here at Green Mountain you can be rest assured we provide clean and precise cuts every time. Whether you hunt your own game or raise your own animals we have the tools to get the job done. 

Local Distribution

We understand that at times it may be hard to stop by our store. Which is why we have partnered with dozens of other shops to bring our savory food closer to you. We have a full list of local breweries, pubs, markets and more! Just place your address below and we will show you the closest shop in your area.

Industries We Work With

Brewery & Creamery

Reading Greenhouse - (Reading)

Mountain Creamery (Woodstock)

Cold Moon Farm (Jamaica)

Market & Resorts 

Woodstock Farmers Market (Woodstock)

Woodstock Farmers Market (Waterbury)

Mac's Market (Woodstock)

Farmhouse Market (Woodstock)

Blue Horse Inn (Woodstock)

Morrissey Market (Boston)

Produce & Distribution 

Black River Produce

Upper Valley Produce

P+S Distributions

Hibber & McGee

Pubs & Shops

Kilarney's Irish Pub (Ludlow)

Vermont's Own Gifts & Goods (Middlebury)

Boston Dreams (Windsor)

Find Our Closest Location To You 

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